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Embedded Wi-Fi to Serial module
    temperature range -40 to +105C

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Ethernet Products

All in One Wi-Fi/Ethernet Station

Medical MOPP Ethernet Switch

Serial to Ethernet Module

USB to Ethernet Adapters -

- IEC 60601-1 Certified MOOP/MOPP

- 3.0 to 2.5G bps

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- 2.0 to 100M bps

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- Serial TTL, Internal

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- USB, Internal

- USB, Standalone

- PC/104

- ISA Bus


By Applications -

- Medical Modems

- Smart Phone FAX Modem

- Contact ID Modems

- Leased-Line Modems

- Bell 202 Compatible

- Speakerphone Modems


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PC/104 Modem

PC/104 3G Cellular

PC/104 Wi-Fi

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Custom Specifications

Build-to-Suit, Wired or Wireless


Dual Phone Jacks Medical Dial-Up Modems USB Interface

RB2001 & RB2001HM

Dual RJ-11 Phone Jacks

IEC60601-1, 3rd Edition


UL 60950-1, 3KV Isolation

CE Marking

Global Telecom Compliant

USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant


Model: V92HU-E2-MD-DJ


This special modem is specially designed for use in medical application including office or home monitoring systems and data retrieval. Each V92HU-E2-MD-DJ has dual RJ-11 phone jacks built-in, allowing users to connect it to phone line and a telephone set simultaneously. Its small size allows for clean attachment to almost any USB compliant interface. It also seamlessly attaches to medical devices, notebooks laptops or computers where reliable dial-up connections are needed.

The V92HU-E2-MD-DJ has been IEC60601-1 3rd edition, IEC60601-1-2 certified for medical devices and UL, IEC60950 tested to 3KV dielectric isolation and is also marked for CE Certification.

The V92HU-E2-MD-DJ modems requires only a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface and phone line access to add state of the art data, fax, and voice operation to any system. While some USB soft modems require using the systems resources for data processing, the V92HU-E2-MD-DJ modem is fully self-contained including a built-in data pump and modem controller to manage all of the data processing independently using a minimal amount of the systems resources. The V92HU-E2-MD-DJ has an On-Board Global DAA (Telephone Interface) designed to operate in most countries.

The V92HU-E2-MD-DJ is V.92 compliant providing a plethora of features including data speeds from 300 bps to 56k bps, 14.4k bps fax, on line voice playback and record as well as DTMF Decoding and Generation. In that regard, these modems can be provisioned as an answering machine and can generate and follow DTMF commands in both Answer and Dial Out applications.
Other features of this fine modem include Caller ID, Modem-on-Hold, Caller Waiting Detection, Data/Fax/Voice Call Discrimination and Extension Pickup Detection. Modem customization is available through patch code that can be stored in modems on board memory and can be field upgradeable.


  • Compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 host controllers
  • Linux (CDC-ACM), Windows and Mac O/S support
  • USB cable and dual RJ-11 phone jacks built in
  • AT command set
  • Up to V.92 56K bps data speeds
  • Send / Receive 14.4 kbps Fax speed Class 1 and 1.0
  • On line Voice playback and recording
  • Data flow control and speed buffering
  • Automatic format / speed sensing
  • V.44 data compression
  • V.42bis and MNP-5 data compression
  • V.29 Fast-POS support
  • Concurrent DTMF, ring and caller ID detection
  • Line-in use, extension pick-up and remote hang-up detection
  • Caller ID type I and II for select countries
  • NVRAM for storing AT commands, telephone numbers and country configuration
  • 3KV isolation
  • Agency approvals:
    • FCC68, CS03, CTR21 (EU)

    • IEC60950-1, EN60950-1

    • c/UL 60950-1 certified

    • IEC60601-1 3rd edition

    • IEC60601-1-2

    • CE Marking

    • AU / NZ Telecom compliant tested

    • FCC15B & UL listed

  • RoHS compliant






Tip / Ring Current Continuous 10 20 120 mA
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage     3000 VRMS
Operating Temperature 0   +60 C
Non-operating Storage Temperature -20   +75 C
Relative Humidity (non-condensing) 10   95 %
Current Consumption   72   mA
Current Consumption (Sleep mode)
  34   mA
Power Consumption
  360   mA
Transmit Level   -10.5   dBm
Receive Level
  -43   dBm



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