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New Product

Wi-Fi/LAN to Serial/USB Adapter

Smart Phone/LAN FAX adapter

PCIe / PCIe (M2) Wi-Fi Module

Embedded Wi-Fi to Serial module
    temperature range -40 to +105C

Embedded Wi-Fi AP/router adapter

USB 3.0 to Gigabit LAN


PSTN, Dial-Up Modems

By Interfaces -

- PCIe Wi-Fi

- PCIe (M2) Wi-Fi

- Serial TTL, Internal

- RS232, Internal, 12/24/48V

- RS232, Standalone

- USB, Internal

- USB, Standalone

- PC/104

- ISA Bus


By Applications -

- Medical Modems

- Contact ID Modems

- Leased-Line Modems

- Bell 202 Compatible

- Speakerphone Modems


Wireless Modems

Wi-Fi Modems -




Bluetooth Modems

3G Cellular Modems

2.4GHz Transceiver


LAN Products

Serial to Ethernet Modules

USB to Ethernet Adapters

LAN/Wi-Fi/USB/Serial Converter

LAN to Serial/Modem Adapter


PC/104 Products

PC/104 Modem

PC/104 3G Cellular

PC/104 Wi-Fi

PC/104 LAN


Custom Specifications

Build-to-Suit, Wired or Wireless


Contact-ID Supported, RS232 Stand-alone Modems



Size: 4" x 6" x 0.88"

Ademco Contact ID Support

Up to 56Kbps Data, Fax, Voice Support

For Alarm, Security & Remote Monitoring

FCC, IC, CE Certified


The V92SAC4 Stand-alone modem supports Ademco's DTMF Contact ID protocol published by SIA (Security Industry Association).  Utilizing standard DTMF tones and selected AT Commands, the V92SAC4 may be provisioned to transmit event and emergency signals to almost any monitoring station.  The modem can detect "Kiss-off" tones and then restore the telephone line for standard voice communications.

The modem has a built-in data pump, controller and on-board International DAA.  Ready to operate with simple AT commands, the family will function on any OS (operating system).  Its cost-saving line-in-use feature eliminates the need for maintaining a dedicated phone line in many applications.

The modem provides 300 bps to 56k bps data rates and up to 14.4k bps fax operation.  The flexible family may be provisioned for Telephone Answering Machine capabilities with on line voice playback, recording, and DTMF tone detection and generation.  Other features include Caller ID, Modem-on-Hold, Caller waiting detection, Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination, Quick connect, and Extension pickup detection.  Modem customization is available through patch code that can be stored in modems on board memory.


  • Ademco Contact ID protocol support

  • SIA FSK alarm protocol support

  • Controller-based, no external memory required

  • Independent of all operating systems

  • Serial RS232 interface

  • Telephony / TAM Voice Modes (V.253)

  • DTMF tone detection and generation

  • V.92 data rates from 300 bps to 56K bps

  • V.92 Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold, PCM Upstream

  • V.29 Fast POS and V.22bis Fast Connect

  • Bell 212A, and Bell 103 Standards

  • Error Correction: V.42/MNP2-4

  • Data Compression: V.44/V.42bis/MNP5

  • Flow Control: Software and Hardware

  • Fax: V.17, V.29 Class 1/1.0 and Class 2

  • Call waiting detection

  • Type I and Type II Caller ID detection

  • Automatic Auto Answer

  • Storable AT commands

  • Low power consumption mode

  • 63 embedded and upgradeable country profiles

  • Line in use and extension pick-up detection

  • Remote hang-up detection

  • Built in NVRAM for adding customized firmware code

  • 0C to +60C operating temperature

  • -20C to +75C non-operating temperature

  • RoHS compliance

  • FCC68, CS03, CE certified

  • FCC15 compliant

Default Countries Support: Supports 63 different Country Codes and many other Country Code groups.  Contact Radicom Research, Inc. for more information.


  • Business & Home Security Alarm Systems

  • Medical Devices

  • Industrial Monitoring Systems

  • POS Terminals

  • Gaming, Vending Machines

  • Remote Monitoring & Data Collection

  • Back-Up Communication Systems

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Contact ID Support


56k bps

14.4K bps




56k bps

14.4K bps




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