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AIO RW8300



* New Release *

Universal Wi-Fi Ethernet LAN/USB/Serial Adapter

Universal Serial/Wi-Fi/LAN Adapter Module with Pin Header

Universal Serial/Wi-Fi/LAN Adapter Module with mini USB and RJ45 jack

Embedded Wi-Fi/BLE USB Adapter



Radicom Research’s RW8300 series is all new Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/LAN with USB or Serial Port. It is the perfect networking center solution for embedded system to integrate Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Serial Port into a single platform. The AIO (All-In-One) networking capability provides many functions, such as single port router, Wi-Fi?bluetooth adapter, Ethernet adapter, Hotspot, Wi-Fi Repeater or WLAN bridge, with USB or Serial host capability for various applications.

It can turn any Ethernet LAN port to a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hotspot or connect PC or Laptop into a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Wireless Access Point. Any Wi-Fi/Bluetooth device such as iPhone, iPod, PDA, within range can connect to Internet by sharing your RW8300 Access Point.

The RW8300 series is a full embedded system. It does not require CPU host when using as single port router or hotspot mode. This versatile RW8300 series of products offers configuration options to meet the specific system requirements.


  • Bluetooth master or slave
  • WiFi AP/Client
  • Router capability
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n compatible WLAN adapter
  • WiFi Serial adapter
  • Serial Ethernet adapter
  • 20MHz and 40MHz bandwidth transmission
  • Operates in 2.4GHz Frequency Range
  • Support WPS mode
  • Backward compatible with 802.11b/g devices while operating at 802.11n data rates
  • Frame aggregation for increased MAC efficiency (A-MSDU, A-MPDU)
  • Low latency immediate High-Throughput Block Acknowledgement (HT-BA)
  • Long NAV for media reservation with CF-End for NAV release
  • PHY-level spoofing to enhance legacy compatibility
  • Built-in TCP/IP stack
  • Channel management and co-existence
  • Support Wake-On-WLAN via Magic Packet and Wake-up frame
  • Transmit Opportunity (TXOP) Short Inter-Frame Spaces (SIFS) bursting for higher multimedia bandwidth
  • Short Guard Interval (400ns)
  • DSSS with DBPSK and DQPSK, CCK modulation with long and short preamble
  • Selectable digital transmit and receive FIR filters
  • Support DHCP for LAN
  • One Ethernet port
  • Extended temperature
  • Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n compatible WLAN
  • Support IEEE 802.11e QoS Enhancement (WMM)
  • Support IEEE 802.11h TPC, Spectrum Measurement
  • Support IEEE802.3 & IEEE802.3u
  • Support IEEE802.3x full duplex flow control
  • Support IEEE802.3az Energy efficiency
  • Support IEEE 802.11i (WPA, WPA2, WEP). Security ~ Open, shared key, and pair-wise key authentication services
  • FCC/IC/CE (pending)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Agency approvals:

    • N/A


1. Smallest router

The RW8300 is easy to carry and set up. Connect an Ethernet cable and RW8300 will create a secure wireless network for your devices.

RW8300 as pocket router
2. Serial to LAN

Ultrabooks, such as ZENBOOK, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, usually lack a RJ-45 port, and users can simply connect a network cable to ultrabooks via USB port to provide a stable online access anywhere.

RW8300 as USB to LAN
2. Serial to WLAN

The RW8300 is easy for desktops to create a wireless network. Simply connect an USB cable and RW8300 will create a wireless secure network access to your desktops. 

RW8300 as USB to WLAN
4. Hot Spot Sharing

The RW8300 supported hot spot mode. Just connect a mini USB cable to power on, it can share a single account on multiple devices, such as notebooks, smartphones, tablets.
RW8300 as Hot Spot
5. LAN to WLAN

The RW8300 is perfect for your desktops, which usually lack Wi-Fi capabilities. Simply connect an Ethernet cable to your desktops to stay connected.
RW8300 as LAN to WLAN

6. WLAN Bridge

The RW8300 supported WLAN bridge mode, which can share a single account on multiple subnet. All devices are able to connect to the Internet.
RW8300 as WLAN Bridge
7. Wi-Fi Ethernet

The RW8300E-a-PR combines a pre-paired set of RE8300E-a-NL andRW8300E-a adapter for the RJ-45 end of 2 hosts to bring Ethernet in wireless
RW8300E-a-PR wireless Ethernet


Model Naming System:
RW8300 Model Naming System
RW8300 Model Naming System
Model & Ordering Information:
RW8300 Model & Ordering Information

RW8300 Model & Ordering Information
RW8300 Model & Ordering Information

RW8300 Model & Ordering Information



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