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New Product

Smart Phone/LAN FAX adapter

PCIe / PCIe (M2) Wi-Fi Module

Embedded Wi-Fi to Serial module
    temperature range -40 to +105°C

Embedded Wi-Fi AP/router adapter

USB 3.0 to Gigabit LAN

Wireless Sensor (BLE or Wi-Fi)

AIO Network Hub (USB/Wi-Fi/LAN)


PSTN, Dial-Up Modems

By Interfaces -

- PCIe Wi-Fi

- PCIe (M2) Wi-Fi

- Serial TTL, Internal

- RS232, Internal, 12/24/48V

- RS232, Standalone

- USB, Internal

- USB, Standalone

- PC/104

- ISA Bus


By Applications -

- Medical Modems

- Contact ID Modems

- Leased-Line Modems

- Bell 202 Compatible

- Speakerphone Modems


Wireless Modems

Wi-Fi Modems -




Bluetooth Modems

3G Cellular Modems

2.4GHz Transceiver


LAN Products

Serial to Ethernet Modules

USB to Ethernet Adapters

LAN/Wi-Fi/USB/Serial Converter

LAN to Serial/Modem Adapter


PC/104 Products

PC/104 Modem

PC/104 3G Cellular

PC/104 Wi-Fi

PC/104 LAN


Custom Specifications

Build-to-Suit, Wired or Wireless


Embedded Bluetooth® Modules – RB730
- HID Support, Full Bluetooth Stack
- For PC Peripherals, Game Controllers, Remote Controllers


HID Support, Full Bluetooth Stack

Bluetooth 3.0 Compliant

On-Board Antenna

FCC, IC and CE Certified

SPI Support



Radicom Research’s RB730 and 730SD (Shielded) are Bluetooth modules featuring Human Interface Device (HID) support.  Based on Broadcom BCM20730 Bluetooth chipset, the modules integrate with PCB antennas, serial EEPROMs, crystals and components for built-in switching regulators to reduce external BOM costs. 

The RB730 and RB730SD Bluetooth modules integrate the entire profiles, applications, and Bluetooth protocol stack.  They are fully compliant with the Bluetooth SIG specifications for human interface devices.  The RB730 and RB730SD are fully compliant with version 3.0 Bluetooth specification including enhanced power control (Unicast Connectionless Data), which is essential to mouse and keyboard applications of personal computers.

By integrating major components within today’s mice and keyboards, the RB730 and RB730SD can interface directly to optical mice, ball encoders and keyboard scan matrixes which help reduce BOM costs in manufacturing those PC peripherals. 

The RB730 and RB730SD provide superior performance in the presence of interference from 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless devices and other 2.4GHz radios.   The RB730 and RB730SD are built-in with internal EEPROM.  OEM specific parameters and settings can be easily loaded into these modules. 

The RB730 is a surface mount PCB module with on-board antenna built-in.


  • Wireless Keyboards

  • Wireless Mice and Trackpad

  • Game Controllers

  • Joysticks

  • Presenter Devices

  • Remote Controllers


  • Bluetooth V3.0 compliant including support for enhanced power control
  • Small sizes: RB730: 30.56 x 14.99 x 3.0mm (0.75” x 1.20” x 0.12”)
  • Class 2 radio, 4dBm transmission power
  • Single-chip Bluetooth device with fully integrated Human Interface Device (HID) profile and full Bluetooth stack.
  • On-board ARM processor and RAM/ROM memory.
  • Custom-integrated Bluetooth core processor has been optimized to support the HID V1.0 profile and minimize power consumption.
  • Integrate serial EEPROM and contains high-performance boost regulator for direct connection with mice electronics.
  • Built-in switching regulator to reduce external BOM and provide high efficient power for external sensor.
  • On-module serial EEPROM for configuration and firmware upgrade.
  • Supports SPI (full duplex and half duplex) to communicate with mouse sensor.
  • Direct interface to keyboard scan matrix with full support for up to 8X20 keys and User-customized hot keys.
  • Integrated quadrate signal decoder to support both ball and optical mouse designs.
  • Direct interface to LED
  • Approx. 30.6mm x 15mm FR4 PCB.
  • On-board antenna
  • -20°C to +70°C temperature operating
  • FCC, CE, IC Certified
  • RoHS compliant


RB730: 0.590" x 1.207” x 0.140
RB730HM: 2.340" x 1.940" x 0.300"

Device Type

Embedded Bluetooth OEM modules



Data Link Protocol

Bluetooth 3.0


ISM 2.4GHz short-range radio frequency band

Frequency Range

2.402 – 2.480 GHz

Max Transmit Power

+4dBm max.

Bluetooth Class

Class 2


Up to 20 meters (basic rate, line of sight)

On Board Memory


Power Consumption

2.5mA (Key scan active mode), <1mA (Sniff Mode)

Supply Voltage

2.0V – 3.6V


On-board antenna or with an U.FL connector for external antenna (HM)

Baseband Crystal OSC


RF Input Impedance

50 ohms

Receiver IF Frequency

1.5 MHz

Receiving Signal Range

-87 to –20dBm typical

Operating Temperature

-20ºC to +70ºC

Storage Temperature

-40ºC to +125ºC


RoHS compliant

Ordering Information

Model Number



Surface mount, class 2, Bluetooth HID module with on-board printed antenna


One RB730 SMD module is mounted on a carrier board that can be installed onto a RB730MB to provide the designer to immediately explore the functionality of the product


One RB730HM module is mounted onto a development board to provide the designer to immediately explore the functionality of the product.


The MDK7000EVK contains, an RB730 SMD module mounted on a Carrier Board that is installed into an RB730MB development board. Each kit consists of the following components:

  • 1~ RB730MB Development Board
  • 1~ Power cable (A to B)
  • 1~ RS232 DB9 Null Modem Cable
RB730 Keypad

RB730KP,  external keypad, is an optional accessory to connect to MDK7000EVK for a full keyboard function estimation.

  • 1~ RB730KP
  • 1~ Boxheader Cable

MDK7000 EVK conntects to a RB730KP. The RB730KP can be configured as 8x18 keys or 6x16 keys with the mouse wheel roll.


Mechanical Diagram & Pin Assignments - RB730

39 GND (P) 22 P24 (I/O) 1 GND (P)
38 P33 (P) 21 P0 (I/O) 2 P32 (I/O)
37 GND (P) 20 P13 (I/O) 3 P12 (I/O)
36 P34 (I/O) 19 P27 (I/O) 4 P10 (I/O)
35 P9 (I/O) 18 P14 (I/O) 5 P11 (I/O)
34 A (I/O) 17 P15 (I/O) 6 P2 (I/O)
33 P8 (I/O) 16 SCL (O) 7 P1 (I/O)
32 P35 (I/O) 15 VBAT (P) 8 P16 (I/O)
31 P36 (I/O) 14 GND (P) 9 P26 (I/O)
30 P38 (I/O) 10 3P0V (P)
29 RESET_N (I)     11 P28 (I/O)
28 P25 (I/O)     12 P17 (I/O)
27 VCC_IO (P)     13 P29 (I/O)
26 UP_RX (I)        
25 UP_TX (O)        
24 P7 (I/O)        
23 P6 (I/O)        
I: Input
O: Output
I/O: Input/Output
P: Power

RB730MB Development Board Figure and Functions

The RB730MB Development Board has white silkscreen legend located by the switches and connectors described below


Position Function Position Function
1 USB 5V slot (USB1) 9 SPI Interface header (P4)
2 Main board power switch (S5) 10 Main power indicator (D1)
3 UART enable/disable switch (S6) 11 Pairing indicator (D2)
4 RS232 male DB-9 connector (J7) 12 Battery low indicator (D3)
5 RB730HM carrier board with module (D4) 13 Pairing key (S4)
6 3.3V/GND output pin (P1) 14 Demo key (SW1 - SW11)
7 3.3V/GND output pin (P2) 15 UART power indicator (D4)
8 UART interface header (P3) 16 Box Header for external keypad



Information furnished by Radicom Research is believed to be accurate and reliable.  However Radicom Research assumes no responsibility for its use, or any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use.  Radicom Research reserves the right to change circuitry at any time without notice.  This document is subject to change without notice.

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