New Product

Embedded Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter

Embedded Bluetooth V4.2 Module

USB 3.0 to Gigabit LAN

Universal Communication EVK

Wireless Sensor (BLE or Wi-Fi)

AIO Network Hub (USB/Wi-Fi/LAN)


PSTN, Dial-Up Modems

By Interfaces -

- Serial TTL, Internal

- RS232, Internal, 12/24/48V

- RS232, Standalone

- USB, Internal

- USB, Standalone

- PC/104

- ISA Bus


By Applications -

- Medical Modems

- Contact ID Modems

- Leased-Line Modems

- Bell 202 Compatible

- Speakerphone Modems


Wireless Modems

Wi-Fi Modems -




Bluetooth Modems

3G Cellular Modems

2.4GHz Transceiver


LAN Products

Serial to Ethernet Modules

USB to Ethernet Adapters

LAN/Wi-Fi/USB/Serial Converter

LAN to Serial/Modem Adapter


PC/104 Products

PC/104 Modem

PC/104 3G Cellular

PC/104 Wi-Fi

PC/104 LAN


Custom Specifications

Build-to-Suit, Wired or Wireless


Embedded Modems

It's Radicom for reliable, high-performance, simple to implement embedded Wireless sensors, Dial-Up modems, Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth modules and GSM/GPRS modules competitively priced.  We work closely with OEMs and designers for successful integration and fast turnaround.  Count on Radicom to reduce time-to-market, lower cost, and improve product quality.  

Radicom modifies its award-winning modems to meet specific application requirements, and designs custom communication products to fit special needs. 

Contact us for your modem requirements today.

[V4.0 BLE and Classic Dual Modes Bluetooth Modules]

[Dial-Up Modems Support Contact ID for Security and Medical Applications]

[USB Wi-Fi Modem Module Affordably Meets Fastest Wireless Protocols For OEM Purposes]

Serial TTL Modems

Contact ID Modems

USB Modems

12, 24, 48V Modems

USB Modem Modules

Medical Modems

Serial to Ethernet


USB to Ethernet

Wi-Fi Modules USB

Bluetooth Modules

Wi-Fi Modules UART, SPI

BLE or Wi-Fi Wireless Sensors



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